Hartel International, LLC
From concept to your final product…HARTEL does it all.

“No Substitute for Experience, Not Even Google”

Water Systems

Supplies either hot or cold water
Equipped with heat exchanger and expansion tank
Available with instrumentation and controls

Clean-In-Place (CIP) and (SIP) Systems

Designed for thorough, consistent results
Save time, water, chemicals, and labor
Steam-In-Place (SIP) capabilities available
Portable systems

Bio-Process Systems

Portable, complete, self-contained unit
CIP and SIP capabilities
Used for growing various cell cultures
Custom applications

Explosion-Proof Processing Systems

Systems available for all divisions, classes, and groups
Systems for sanitary and industrial applications

PICCUP - Processing, Instrumentation, Controls, Clean-In-Place, Utilities, Plant Facilities

Single Source Responsibility

These advantages and more:

  • Latest technology in controls and instrumentation
  • Can integrate with any control system
  • Programming and software capabilities
  • Current technology for fabrication and manufacturing
  • Products meet all regulatory agency standards
  • Explosion-proof systems are available
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Reliable service by trained technicians and project managers
  • Personnel available within 24 hours
  • Extensive experience in process industry applications
  • Complete system responsibility


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