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Continuous Systems

continuousHARTEL CDN SYSTEMS are fabricated for either chemical kill and/or temperature kill use


Waste is received in a receiving tank where the pH is adjusted by direct inline chemical injection as it is pumped from the receiver tank. An inline mixer enables complete chemical/waste mixing. Fluid then flows through a retention tube to insure that the required pH has been maintained. When the required pH is achieved, fluid is routed to the drain. If pH requirements have not been achieved, fluid is then routed back to the receiving tank to repeat the cycle.


Water is received in a receiving tank; circulated and heated during the initial water start-up cycle. Water is returned to the receiving tank where it is continually recirculated and heated until a prescribed temperature is reached. Once the temperature requirement is met, the water is cooled by a regenerative and cooler heat exchanger prior to discharging to the drain.

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