Hartel International, LLC
From concept to your final product…HARTEL does it all.

Decontamination/Neutralization Systems

HARTEL customizes your system to meet your specific requirements, whether your process demands:

  • Batch or Continuous systems
  • Chemical and/or Temperature systems

HARTEL systems are fabricated utilizing combinations of Receiver and Treatment tanks. The tanks can be either atmospheric or pressure rated. Each system is furnished with accurate and reliable controls through a custom dedicated, programmable control panel, which provides supervisory control, monitoring, and critical safety interlocks to assure waste doesn’t discharge into the environment before it is properly treated. Hartel also provides you with pre-validation testing, video imaging boroscope inspection, identification and documentation of welds. Our trained personnel are always available to assist with service, training, and testing.

Hartel Decontamination/Neutralization Systems:

  • Single-Source Responsibility
  • Manual or orbital machine welding
  • Field fabricated or Pre-fabricated skid mounted
  • Clean-In-Place, Steam-In-Place, and Chemical sanitation options for easier maintenance and safer environment
  • Remote control panels available
  • Video image boroscope inspection
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