Hartel International, LLC
From concept to your final product…HARTEL does it all.

Clean-In-Place Systems

Custom Designed & Engineered Specifically For Your Application

For the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Dairy, Food, Chemical, Beverage, Cosmetic, and other industries.

CIPSystem Types Available:

  • Single-Use systems
  • Recirculation Systems
  • Eductor Systems

Hartel’s Custom Options:

  • One or multi CIP tanks individually sized to meet the requirements of your system—either cylindrical or rectangular and in any configuration
  • Manual and automatic controls
  • Programmable controllers-PLC
  • Automatic chemical feed and solution concentration control
  • Automatic water and temperature control
  • Combined process and CIP controls, within the same system if required
  • CIP supply pumps and solution return pumps are individually specified for each system
  • Save and re-use rinse and/or wash solutions or Single Use systems
  • Product recovery capabilities to fit specific applications
  • Optional integrated low-volume, high-pressure cleaning system for tank exteriors, walls, floors, conveyors, etc
  • Air purge assemblies for both CIP and product recovery
  • Steam-In-Place
  • Portable systems and high-pressure systems available

Obtain Maximum Savings Through Improved Plant Operations

HARTEL’S Custom-Designed CIP Systems improve plant efficiency because they are built to specifications based on your process requirements, providing you with these benefits:

  • Improved Product Quality
  • Effectively controlled chemical, steam and water usage
  • Minimal equipment downtime and wear
  • Waste disposal management
  • Increased employee safety
  • Reduced labor and operating costs

Automated CIP Systems – Controlled, Constant, and Reliable Conditions… Automatically

  • CONTROLLED temperature pre-rinsing effectively removes a portion of the product residue without chemical usage
  • CONTROLLED temperature washing improves efficiency in chemical utilization by maintaining wash solution temperatures at predetermined levels.
  • CONTROLLED chemical concentrations regulate pH balance to maintain the highest degree of cleaning ability while conserving chemicals.
  • CONSTANT exposure time automatically controls system exposure to rinses and chemical washes with specific program timing insuring consistent results
  • RELIABLE and thorough surface cleansing. Turbulence generated by the proper combination of volume and pressure guarantees optimum cleaning conditions are maintained.

Hartel Custom CIP Systems in operation in a variety of industries, including:




Fruit Juice


Vegetable Processing




Fluid Milk

Ice Cream




Baby Food





Salad Dressing

Fruit Processing

NOTE: Used-Reconditioned CIP Systems are available

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